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The Efficient Golfer


Robert Anthony Prichard, author of 'The Efficient Golfer' golf swing analysis and advice

Can you describe the benefits of your book?

The Efficient Golfer provides you with 5 main benefits.

1. We show you how to use a video camcorder to record your golf swing and how to then measure critical body positions and angles from individual video frames, which have "frozen" important details about your golf swing during very small "slices" of time.

2. We also tell you how to improve your golf swing, using what you have discovered after your video self-analysis.

3. And we explain some fundamental principles about the golf swing, so that you will understand how to apply what you have learned from your video self-analysis and what's going on with your game.

4. There is a certain amount of misunderstanding about the golf swing and the best ways to improve it, so we try to correct that, based on what we have learned by working with our golfers.

5. You play golf with your body, so we include information about golf fitness and flexibility, how to improve your golf flexibility and how to avoid some of the physical problems golfers are prone to.

What equipment do I need to measure my golf swing mechanics?

To record your swing, you need a camcorder with a high speed or 'sport' shutter speed, so that you can freeze the motion of your club shaft. You will need to play the tape back frame-by-frame. Some camcorders can do this (we have models we can recommend to our readers), or you can get a VCR that will play back frame-by-frame (we can recommend some to our readers as well).

To measure your golf swing mechanics, you need a large screen TV (minimum of 26"), an erasable marker, a straight edge, and a protractor (the last three can be bought in an office supply store). Our book gives you all the directions you need to make precise measurements.

It takes about an hour to do this the first time. After that, you can get it done in less than half an hour.

How do I measure my flexibility?

The best way is to use your camcorder. Videotape your ranges as described in our book, play the tape on your TV, freeze the frame, and measure. It takes about 15 minutes to measure your ranges.

I'm not comfortable with camcorders, etc.

Not a problem. There are many videographers in every community who videotape weddings, family reunions, etc. Just hire one to videotape you. Or, your local golf pro can tape your swing and you can measure at home.

What will the measurements tell me?

They will tell you what you need to work on first.

Let's say, for instance, that your ranges are pretty good (and your distance is consequently good), but your alignment is terrible and you have problems with accuracy. A pro will tell you to shorten your backswing, but that does not improve your alignment. Your measurements will show you exactly where you have alignment problems, and our book will tell you how to correct them.

Your flexibility measurements, for instance, may show why you have problems with putting while the rest of your game is pretty good. Correctly identifying the cause of a problem is 50% of the solution.

It seems kind of complicated.

It's not at all complicated . We have sold thousands of books and gotten countless emails from golfers who have told us how much better they are playing after following the advice in our book. They are hitting the ball straighter and longer. Many say that they wish they had a book like this 40 years ago.

Will this conflict with what my pro is teaching me?

It probably will. Pros teach golfers what their teachers taught them. Their teachers taught them what they learned from their teachers. Much of the advice you will be getting is 50 years old or more.

The Efficient Golfer is the first really new golf book in 50 years. It's based on solid mechanical principles, and not the recommendations of a famous golfer who suffered from a bad left hook.

I've worked a long time on my swing. I already play pretty well. I am reluctant to try something new in case I may lose what I already have.

You don't need to lose anything. First, read the book. It takes about 4 hours from cover to cover. Then, videotape, measure and analyze your swing. That will take about 90 minutes. Only after that do you need to decide whether or not you want to change something.

You may find, for instance, that some things you do are already very efficient, and you don't need to change them.

But, you may also find that you are doing something that will lead to the yips.

Or, you may find the real cause of your lower back pain.

Or, you may find that what you think are 'mental' problems are really just restrictions in your flexibility.


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Golf Swing Diagnostics

Robert Anthony Prichard, author of 'The Efficient Golfer' golf swing analysis and advice

We are publishing a growing number of video diagnostics of well known professional golfers.

These use the very same methods of measurement and analysis from videotape which we teach you how to do yourself, in our breakthrough golf instruction book, The Efficient Golfer.

We hope these studies will help you in your pursuit of the perfect golf swing!

Pro Golfer Diagnostics

Tiger Woods
'How Hank Haney Changed the Tiger Woods Swing'
'Is Tiger Woods Courting the Yips?'

Phil Mickelson:
'Is Phil Mickelson’s Golf Swing Costing Him Tour Wins?'

See our complete collection of golf swing analysis videos here


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